Baking box and cake box design ideas

- Sep 11, 2018-

   It is quite clear that different products require different packages. What about the same product? Also need different packaging. Just as we talked today about baking boxes and cake boxes design, you can use different boxes to hold the cake, depending on how you sell it.

   First, baking boxes and cake boxes as food packaging cake as a category of food, and in the food packaging, there are some food needs to play a role of display. Then we need to choose the open window design for the baking box and cake box. Of course, whether it's on the side or on the top, it's all about showing the consumer what they're buying. Such cartons are not only suitable for cakes, but also for pies, cookies and other dessert boxes. Our self-locking bottom baking boxes and cake boxes are examples of such cartons. Other wrappers that need to be shown through the window include dry mix wrappers and ice cream LIDS. The advantage of open window carton is to be able to let consumer see the appearance of the product before buying. So if your cake looks attractive enough, you can choose a window cake box.

   Two, the baking box and cake box as a shipping package for the traditional cake ordering model: call the order, the evening to pick up the cake. Internet order cake model: call order, delivered in the afternoon. The cake-taking part has already been done by the cake-makers, so there is a problem. There is more than one cake when the cake is delivered, so the baking box and the cake-taking box will be squeezed on the delivery truck, and at this time, the packaging box that can withstand transportation is needed. It is still a self-locking double-insert box, but it is no longer a card box, but need to use corrugated paper and other easy to transport.

   The problem of safety and health can be avoided by using food-grade corrugated paper, so your cake should be delivered to your door, please choose the corrugated paper with open window.

Third, baking boxes and cake boxes as brand packaging the current market pastry brands: repeat customers, Dali garden, etc., so two or three brands of baking boxes and cake boxes are the same. If your package looks similar to these brands, it will be difficult to tell the difference between your cake and others in the supermarket. So your baking box and cake box packaging needs to be different from other brands. Then consumers will notice that it is another cake brand when they buy it. So if your cake is chosen to be sold on the shelf, please pay attention to the cake packaging of competitors of your other brands.