Cake box factory stock of baking tips

- Sep 20, 2018-

  Baking buffs are sure to have their share of failures, so keep learning a few baking tips to help you avoid them next time!

1. Make sponge cake with cake oil. Why does it sometimes collapse after baking?

   This phenomenon is mainly due to the traditional method of stirring (adding flour at last). There is oil cake, there are a lot of air in the batter, if the stir in flour is not enough, can appear flour is insufficient, the air inside the batter is too much, too few gluten forming, so when baking a cake will decline, if by directly mixing, appear this kind of circumstance is too little water, the batter is too thick and cause, more water or gas to solve this problem.

2. When making sponge cake, the batter does not reach the ideal starting degree. Can you add cake oil?

  Cake oil is a surfactant that reduces the surface tension of the egg film, making it easier for air to break into the batter. However, when the external conditions are not ideal or the amount of cake oil is insufficient, the effect will be reduced, that is, the batter is not inflated enough. If, after a period of stirring, the batter fails to beat and cake oil is added, the effect will be less obvious. Especially in the late mixing stage, since the egg film has reached the point of no longer inflatable, adding more cake oil is useless. Therefore, during the mixing process, it should be avoided to add any substance (including oil or water) that may affect the aeration.

3, bread into the hair box, not up the drum, but to spread diarrhea around, what is the reason?

  If the dough does not rise, it will fall larger. The main reason is that the dough has a greater ability to hold air, the less elastic the gluten, and the better its elongation.

This situation may occur as follows:

  A. the quality of flour is too bad and the gluten content is insufficient.

  B. Excessive mixing of dough or too many times of dough pressing breaks or breaks the gluten.

  C. too many flexible ingredients (oil, water, sugar, etc.) in the dough recipe.

  D. If the method of secondary fermentation is used, it may be the excessive fermentation of flour or the excessive amount of flour, and the fermentation time is too long.

4. What should we pay attention to when making puffs?

  A. sift the flour to avoid lumps;

  B. the dough must be thoroughly and thoroughly burned, and the phenomenon of bottom paste cannot appear;

  C. When adding eggs in batches, the batter must be stirred evenly and vigorously, or the quality will be affected by sand;

  D. The thickness of the batter is appropriate, and too thin or too thick will affect the product's starting degree;

  E, baking tray can not brush too much oil, it is best to use high temperature cloth;

  F. proper distance between products to prevent adhesion of finished products;

  G. Do not open the oven door in the middle of the baking process, otherwise the product will collapse;

  H, the furnace temperature should be appropriate, too high will cause surface coloring, internal unripe, too low to cause products is not easy to hair and coloring;

  I. when using chocolate and other raw materials to decorate the surface of eclair, please pay attention to the temperature of the decoration materials and avoid repeated application.

5.Is it true that all bread should not be filled until the dough is dough? Why?

  When mixing dough, when to add oil, in principle, should be "oil after water". Adding oil too early will form a thin oil film on the surface of the raw material, blocking the combination of the surface and water, which will slow down the hydration rate of the dough and extend the mixing time of the dough. Therefore, oil should be added after the dough has absorbed water into a ball.

6, toast bread at the bottom of the heart is what reason?

  Toast is white bread with a cover. The bottom of the bread is drained mainly because the dough is low in water content (below 45%) and is unleavened, with poor flow. To avoid this phenomenon, it is best to use the secondary fermentation method of 50% flour without adding equipment, so that this situation will not occur. Secondly, the amount of water used for dough can be increased (or the amount of eggs and oil), but the increase of water is limited by the equipment.

7. How does the egg affect the quality of the cake?

   Cakes are made by mechanical action of the eggs, air into the egg, so that the cake volume and structure can be optimized and achieved, so the amount of single and egg quality has a crucial impact on the quality of the cake. The quality of an egg is measured by the amount of solids in the egg, the composition of the solids and the freshness of the egg. The higher the solids content in the egg, the higher the protein content, the better the quality of the eggs. Of course, it is easier to break in the air when mixing, and the more delicate the cake. The impact of egg freshness on cake quality may not be of much concern to traditional cake mills, but modern scientific research has clearly concluded that egg freshness is crucial to the ability of eggs to inflate. Fresh eggs are 20 percent less able to inflate than eggs left at room temperature for 10 days. The reason is due to the storage process, the egg alkaline increase, the membrane of the air retention ability weakened, so the egg is the more fresh the better.