Design details of the packing color box for the portable packing cake box

- Sep 03, 2018-

   Packaging color box is a kind of folding paper box and color corrugated box made of plastic, cardboard and corrugated board. It has the characteristics of light weight, portable, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection and exquisite printing. At present, the definition of "color box packaging" is very clear internationally, especially in developed countries. Paper box packaging of food, wine, medicine, daily use/cosmetics, tobacco, electronic products and so on all belong to the category of "color box packaging" packaging.

   Portable packaging cake box also belongs to the scope of packaging color box, in the design of this piece, how much do you know? Color box packaging design is the first step of color box packaging printing production, but also the basis of the whole color box packaging printing production. Color box packaging design is changing with the change of packaging function, and with the intensification of market competition, the continuous decline of corporate profits, color box packaging design is becoming more and more important.

   Design is particularly important, because all the subsequent production process will be made according to the drawings, and every step will be wrong, which shows its importance. Everyone has principles in design, including practicality, aesthetics, economy, originality and relevance.

   Practical is the most basic, do not design the kind of look useless, but the creativity is also more important, this industry is the need for continuous innovation, if you are a few years is the same level of change, and the competition between peers really do not have any advantage.

   Color box packaging design practicality: practicality is one of the basic attributes of the design, mainly consider to reflect the function and function of the product, can be reflected by packaging materials, structure, shape and pattern. The function and function of the goods are different, and the requirements for the practicality of packaging design are also different. Therefore, color box packaging design also needs to be based on the needs of different products packaging, not only color box appearance, but also pay attention to the quality of color box.

   Color box packaging design of economy, economy is the least amount of costs to maximize product effect, flashy many merchants in the product packaging is the easiest way to make a mistake, they think the product need gorgeous appearance, but the excessive packing will not only affect the product sales, also causes the high costs of product, is not conducive to the operations of the enterprise.

   Color box packaging design aesthetic: aesthetic requirements will be combined with various factors to design in line with the characteristics of The Times, national characteristics, outstanding aesthetic packaging product design. The main purpose of product packaging design is to set up a good image for the product, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales, so its aesthetic and aesthetic is necessary. Color box packaging as a kind of packaging design, packaging design must follow the requirements.

   Originality of color box packaging design: originality is to be good at creating new things, but not out of the society and The Times, in the ordinary form of the surface contains new creation. Not only packaging, every item of design needs to be original, which is a powerful weapon to survive in today's competitive market. The market has emerged a large number of color box packaging, in order to be in a favorable position in the competition, it is necessary to make their color box packaging can be innovative.