Packaging high quality baking box printing production development prospects

- Sep 12, 2018-

   Packaging high quality baking box printing development prospects: as an important, traditional information carrier, paper production has been thriving, and more and more closely related to printing technology. With the development of economy and technology, new requirements are put forward for the variety, quality and performance of paper. In the 1980s, the Chinese printing industry and the Chinese paper industry jointly completed the process from letterpress printing to offset printing and from letterpress paper production to offset printing paper production.

   Now, the printing of Chinese printed matter, using letterpress printing, is very few, very few, letterpress printing almost all offset printing. China's paper industry, although still the relief printing paper as the industry statistics of the key products, but the actual production is not the past relief printing paper, most of the offset printing paper. The following is the printing method that can be seen everywhere: offset printing is mainly used for the printing of paper-based materials. Sheet-fed offset presses can be printed in a flexible format. At present, most web offset press printing format is fixed.

   Its application is limited. With the development of technology, web offset printing press is also improving. A web offset press has been developed which can change the format of printing. At the same time, a web offset press with seamless drum was developed. The drum of this web offset press is seamless and in this respect is the same as the web gravure press. The offset press continues to improve on its printing function. By improving and adding some parts, you can print corrugated board. Improved and equipped with UV drying device, UV printing can be printed.