Prospect analysis of baking packaging for high quality baking boxes

- Sep 20, 2018-

   In recent years, bakeries have sprung up all over the country in small and medium-sized cities. Data show that China's average consumption of 150,000 people a bakery, under equal conditions, the data is far higher than Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other regions, baking packaging potential can not be ignored. The rapid development of baking industry leads baking packaging to be diversified.

   According to the latest statistics show that the sales income of baking food profession in China is increasing at an average annual rate of about 30%, which is amazing. In fact, baked goods in third - and fourth-tier cities and rural shopping malls are becoming more and more saturated, and baked goods such as bread have gradually become one of the breakfast staples of Chinese residents. In terms of age, the collective consumption is also expanding, covering everything from children to the elderly. It is estimated that the professional sales revenue of baked goods in China will reach 465.829 billion yuan in 2017. High-end packaging scenery is no longer, the middle and high-end shopping malls continue to expand, low-end shopping malls are relatively shrinking.

   With the continuous development of China's economy, the constant update of skills, baking packaging professional competitiveness of the continuous improvement, career planning is expanding, the rapid development of enterprises, baking adhere to the rapid increase in planning benefits. Thanks to the booming market demand in China, the baking and packaging industry in China is developing healthily, rapidly and sustainably. However, affected by the national policy, the high-end baking malls, especially the high-end mooncake malls, are no longer the scenery. The high-end over-packaging malls represented by mooncakes are shrinking, while the middle and high-end shopping malls are less affected by the policy, and the number of transactions increases rapidly. The new competitive pattern of baking packaging is being formed.