Selection of custom materials for portable packing cake boxes

- Aug 31, 2018-

   Portable cake box is the protection of the cake box packing, has been widely used nowadays, many businesses in choosing a hand-held cake packaging box can choose custom, printed on your LOGO, and the process of different processing manufacturers to negotiate, basically can have a look at some practical processing manufacturer of packaging products and, of course, a lot of people don't know if you want to custom cake box, portable packaging should how to select these hand-held cake box packaging materials? The packaging of portable packaging cake box can be divided into many different boxes, including iron box, paper box, plastic box, wooden box and so on, these boxes are all different materials, the quality of nature is not the same relatively.

   If bread as portable package box, then compared with some other materials, the most commonly used is some cartons, paper is also the most common, not common, and the most environmental protection, after using can also recycle again, because these would only in the process of custom and also able to some of the above print with different ink, very exquisite, and also has a new printing process, the entire pattern is relatively very glossy printing entered many of the designs are very nice, of course here is using some of the more popular environmental printing ink for related design of plane design.

   Material selection in the process of the selection of portable packaging cake box, will basically consider the rationality of the structure of the whole portable packaging cake box itself, but also take into account the convenience of some consumers, you know why everyone will choose paper material? A lot of small cake shops can afford it and it is also the most acceptable. The portable packing cake boxes made of other materials are a little expensive. They are all used by some famous brand cake shops because they sell services.