The advantages of the portable packing cake box

- Aug 30, 2018-

   Portable packaging cake box is generally made of paper, cardboard and corrugated board these three materials made of folding boxes and color corrugated boxes. It has the characteristics of light weight, portable, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection and exquisite printing. In fact, the quality is quite big, first is the market price, the price is pro-people, a lot of ordinary people can afford, so this kind of material of portable packaging cake box is popular, there is an environmental advantage, not only can be reused, but also can use waste paper packaging products to make fertilizer; It is a good thing for our China, because of our nation's capital Beijing smog is quite serious, a lot of things are now adopting environmental polluting the environment, the earth is our home, we live with the global village, to take care of them, the other can't do it, the paper made portable packaging cake box is the one thing we can do.

   Technical advantage: because is pallets can recycle the energy conservation and environmental protection, paper materials prices are lower and light easy to transport, paper easy molding box can be made into various shapes, and because of special structure of the paper fibers can also be used for fruit need to breathe freely, such as packaging, these are some of the benefits of the pallets in common; Paper packaging materials also have a soft, strength can be controlled tearing performance; Paper has good elasticity and toughness, can be packaged to provide good protection; Paper also lightweight, variety diversification characteristics. Paper packaging box material has small scalability, not affected by heat and light, with better stability; Paper opacity, can provide hidden isolation, so that some products can not be seen from the outside of the packaging, to meet the packaging needs of some products.

   Technology also has a big advantage, many manufacturers are empty technology but not play, and this kind of material products can be used to do a variety of shapes, so most manufacturers can use this kind of material can show their technology.