Trends in baking and cake box packaging

- Sep 17, 2018-

   Both from the perspective of pre-packaging and from the perspective of small packaging, baking boxes and cake boxes have become very important. In order to meet the needs of production, intelligent development has become the most important production trend. How best to save packing material and achieve perfect packaging, how to go from high pressure packing work of the hands to achieve efficient high-quality, how to have layers according to different products of different specifications of the food packaging, the practical problems encountered in production needs to be resolved, and intelligent packaging is an important way to solve these problems.

   According to the characteristics of food packaging parameters set, can achieve full automation, from input to sealing, packing a series of operations can be completed by the machine, in reducing labor costs at the same time, but also improve the level of automation in the entire production process, but also to achieve environmental protection, efficiency, stability and other goals. In fact, the "wisdom" of baking boxes and cake boxes is not only in the way and technology of packaging, but also in the concept of packaging, reflecting more wisdom and catering to the trend of industry 4.0 era.

   Baking boxes and cake boxes have experienced a development process from "package" to "package" and then to "design". The evolution of this process is not only the evolution of packaging philosophy, but also indirectly reflects the transformation of production mode and consumption trend in the promotion of the development of contemporary food industry. In recent years, China's baking box and cake box industry has achieved great development. Apart from the innovation of packaging concept, there is new growth in packaging technology, packaging equipment, packaging production line, packaging application, packaging materials and other fields. In this process of development, some trends are also worthy of our attention and discussion.