When choosing a wedding cake for a portable cake box

- Sep 05, 2018-

   Nowadays, wedding cake is indispensable on wedding ceremony, choose a beautiful wedding cake to be able to add cent for a wedding many. So what to watch out for when choosing a wedding cake?

   If you want to make your wedding cake look unique, it is suggested that the bride and groom can design their own, or you can go to some wedding magazines or food magazines to find the shape of your favorite cake, and then go to the custom cake custom shops.

   In addition to the appearance of the cake, the taste of the cake is also very important. Wedding cake layers clear, delicate taste, and perfect in the cake rich and simple, rich and fresh delicate balance. Culminate in the taste buds, and finally, the art of lingering joy.

   Three, the United States to decorate the wedding cake must not be as plain as the wedding cake decoration monotonous, want a beautiful appearance of the wedding cake unique sugar cake is undoubtedly the best choice. Because turn a sugar cake to want to compare the cake of fresh cream illuminative to keep time long, and beautiful, stereo, easy to form, play a space quite big on modelling, it is a kind of cake with the most popular on wedding ceremony so.

   Four, the price of a reasonable cake is a very important issue, in order to ensure the quality and grade of the wedding cake or choose high-end cake recommendations. So what is a high-end cake? It is not the expensive cake or the high-end cake. In order to avoid unnecessary expense, the cake must be selected from the brand cake shop guaranteed by the offline store. Li xuan especially reminded the couple that if the banquet reservation has included the item of giving away the cake, it must be considered whether this cake is suitable for the wedding. If it is not suitable and the price is raised as a whole, it is more cost-effective to customize it.

   Choose wedding cake must pay attention to item 5, the quality is better according to the environment to choose the wedding wedding cake, if it is outdoor wedding, wedding cake selection to avoid using whipped cream, sugar and egg custard cream as raw material, and should be timely communication and cake designer, according to the common sense, if the use made of vegetable shortening instead of pure cream to add to the cream ice cream icing, will greatly increase the thermal power of the cake, or made of fondant cake, the cake doesn't need to cryopreservation.