An Important Factor Affecting The Price Of Birthday Cake Box Packaging And Making Is The Spot Supply Of Cake Box Factory

- Aug 03, 2018-

   In our daily life, the first thing we choose to know when we make packaging boxes is the price. When we buy something, we want to buy a box with good quality and good price. So what are the factors that generally affect the price of packaging boxes? The spot supply from the cake box factory tells you what the factors are.

   In general, when making a quotation to the customer, the first is to understand the size, process, materials, printing, these several factors. These determine the cost of a birthday cake box, in addition to the number of orders, birthday cake box price is a combination of many decisions. In addition, there are design proofing and other factors. So, cannot judge the stand or fall of box manufacturer with the discretion of the price, also cannot judge the rationality of its price at a moment. Good quality and low price are desirable, but pay attention to horizontal and vertical comparison when making a judgment. Only if the birthday cake box is made of the same material, quantity, size, surface technology, workmanship and other factors.

   Birthday cake box common materials are: paper box, leather box, iron box, wooden box, different material prices vary greatly. The size of the birthday cake box determines the amount of material used, so it is also an important factor affecting the cost of the birthday cake box. In addition, there is the process, the process more, more complex, more difficult, the cost is higher; The number of birthday cake boxes ordered is also an important factor. The larger the order, the lower the average cost per cake and the lower the price. In addition, there are design factors, different levels of design, the disparity. This is also one of the reasons why different packaging companies quote different prices for the same birthday cake box. Finally, management costs and labor costs. Every place, labor, housing rent, water and electricity, management wages, management system is a direct impact on the cost of management. Different wages of workers in different places will lead to different labor costs. The number of procedures, the number of labor and the number of days to produce a birthday cake box are all important factors affecting labor costs.