Baking Boxes And Cake Boxes Are Good Media For Branding

- Aug 15, 2018-

   Baking box and cake box packaging design not only requires the design is novel, full of personality, and to assume the spread of the brand effect, when the package is in place, increase brand slogan, core commentary, long-term promotional activities such as promotion and brand information, also can have the promotion effect of finishing, the sales volume is also very high.

   As fast moving consumer goods such as food, beverage and daily chemicals, the consumption cycle of products is short, so packaging becomes a brand communication medium with low cost and good effect. Good packaging design, not only to design novel, full of personality, but also to assume the function of brand communication. If the brand advertising language, core explanation, long-term promotional activities and other promotional and brand information are added in the appropriate position of packaging, it will play a "last-minute" promotional effect, which will directly boost product sales. Therefore, for the small amount of advertising enterprises, packaging is one of the brand publicity positions.

   Take baiyanghe for example, it is the same as other enterprises, the early packaging design mainly adopts the following strategy, imitate the packaging design style of each brand, try to do with famous brand products similar. It should be said that in the product promotion period and growth period, the strategy is correct, the enterprise also tasted the sweet. However, with the development of enterprises, advantages gradually turn into disadvantages.

   Baking box and cake box brand name on the package is too small, consumers have no way to identify the brand, unable to form the repeat purchase and customer loyalty is not high, when there are promotional activities and there is no way, is a big gap between the sales, at the same time, because of excessive imitation of lack of their own design style, style, and caused consumers to the brand visual image of chaos.