Cake Box Factory Spot Supply Packaging Design Innovation

- Aug 23, 2018-

   Cake is a widely loved food, it is not subject to age, gender, occupation, cultural level, ethnic restrictions, applicable to a variety of memorable happy occasions. One of them is the first impression when choosing the cake packaging. A good packaging has a great impact on the whole cake. The types of cake packaging design include birthday cake box factory stock supply, valentine's day gift box, west point box, according to the shape of the round box, square box, carrying box. Cake box factory spot supply design is roughly color, composition and cultural connotation, on this innovation is to better understand the characteristics of these points, master the skills, add the designer's personal creativity, skillfully grasp some of the elements.

1. Grasp of color

A. Color and packaging design

   Namely through the external packaging design color reveals or reflects the internal packaging design items. In this way, when people look at the packaging design, they can basically perceive or associate what is the inner packaging design. But look at the goods on the market, many do not reflect this relationship. Consumers can not be perceived at a glance, so it can not play out in the packaging design of the promotional role. Food packaging is usually designed with light yellow and pink to give a warm feeling. Cake packaging design USES gold, red, pink, coffee, are warm colors, more intimate. Gold, in particular, gives the illusion of fragrance. Although some cake packaging designs do not appear to have the same tone as the main color, if you look carefully, you will find the symbolic color block that can make the finishing touch.

B. Contrast of colors and colors

   This is a lot of cake packaging design, including other food packaging design design is the most easy to show but the most difficult to grasp the point. If it is a master, it is designed to be highbrow, on the contrary, of course, it is inferior people. Alleged colour and colorific contrast are to show colour USES the contrast of depth, light and shade, dot face, refined and common etc.

2. Mastery of composition skills

   Color is the foundation, while composition is the process and the ultimate goal. So composition is the most important thing. The design of cake packaging design is warm color for the bottom, above decorated with some flowers, cartoon patterns, English blessing and other symbols of good and sweet things. The goal of composition, like color, is to make the package look warmer and more appetizing. Of course, composition techniques vary from cake to cake. The cake packaging design for children pays more attention to cartoon effect. The cake packaging design for the elderly is more focused on the festive effect of longevity. Gift cake packaging design will emphasize the upscale.3. Grasp of cultural connotation

   A good packaging design will certainly make people feel comfortable, people have a pleasant aesthetic psychological satisfaction. So the above two points are to satisfy people's psychology. But this kind of satisfaction cannot be little culture connotation. Just like the temperament and cultivation of people, is a kind of inherent charm, let a person to be able to aftertaste endless, meaning. However, some cake packaging designs are garish and embellished with so much that they don't add any value to the product other than to tell you it's a cake-box factory stock and the name of the product.

   Therefore, this packaging design has no vitality. A good product packaging design or injection of cultural connotation, especially the cultural connotation of the product enterprise, or the pursuit of corporate philosophy. Or there is some symbolic meaning to what a problem is. Or it is implied certain appeal point, give a person a kind of revelation. Or it is the special color that represents an enterprise, special word. Or attributes that represent products. If a package design does not conform to the above mentioned, it is not a successful package design design. The same is true for cake packaging design.