How To Design The Colors Of Baking Boxes And Cake Boxes

- Aug 16, 2018-

  In many cases, baking boxes and cake boxes are the outer packaging of a product, which is highly valued by consumers. Therefore, they are required to have elegant and beautiful design. To meet consumers' aesthetic standards, they need to rely on color design and deployment.

   In fact, the main or is the cake box packaging tone, tone is the screen color configuration has the total tendency, the total emotional appeal, is a group of colors of the main color, and in the whole screen occupies the absolute advantage of the factor technology. Packaging requirements in the distant shelves from the moment of visual prominence, to convey commodity information, this will require a strong overall tone to match the printing market.

   Therefore, the key to packaging color design, is tonal design equipment supplies. Tonal design requirement and product main function photograph are unified. Tonal design asks and times, with different area, different nation to colorific like avoid photograph is unified, want to be able to adapt this kind of change, comply with times tide. Again, it is colorific mutual contrast and set off. Two opposite top of the color is called contrast color, its hue lightness difference, give a person a bright, strong sense of contrast printing tools. Color only through contrast, in order to correctly express the image of the printing union. Where there is contrast, there is harmony. Two similar colors are called harmonic printing tools. Colour harmony gives a person with reservation, rich, decorous, cheerful, comfortable feeling.

   Another important aspect of color is rhythm. People often say music has rhythm, why does color also have rhythm? Rhythm is one of the important factors, composition forms are reflected in the picture has many changes, such as strength, light and shade, firm soft and the actual situation, the contradiction between the two sides of fluctuates, and is not a simple repetition, but various kinds of rhythmic movement, it has both repetition, and development, various aspects restrict each other, promote each other, embodies the harmony of natural printing market. The basic requirement of the color design of baking boxes and cake boxes is to deal with the relationship between change and unity. Baking box and cake box packaging color design is very particular, is not a simple association can come up with a good idea, need to go through repeated consideration and contrast color mature grasp, the packaging design, absolutely not overnight things.