How To Do Handle Cake Box Moisture-proof Work

- Aug 22, 2018-

   We all do it. The cake box with handle is generally customized. Sometimes, after customization, the customer does not want it, so we need to store it, but it is wet. With the development of The Times, some items in cake boxes with handles need to be stored in frozen packaging. Therefore, the surface of cake boxes with handles must be dewy when presented from the frozen environment.

   Moisture-proof skills: if conditions can choose to choose a dehumidifier, the general production of air conditioning manufacturers have handle cake box warehouse dehumidifier sales, this is simple and fundamental moisture-proof method. The storeroom or workshop for holding the cake box with handle must be airtight, otherwise it is easy to be affected by damp in rainy season, fog weather or the area with big temperature difference between day and night.

   The cake box should be left with a gap between the handle and the ground, which can be built on stilts. There should be a certain space for air circulation below, so as to avoid the influence of moisture on the ground. If possible, small make up recommend that we use plastic trays to store, because this has a moisture-proof ability. Cake is everyone will eat every year, whether it is to eat their own, or to eat others, are not without the handle cake box, if you buy a handle cake box too much, you can use the above tips to prevent moisture.