Notes For Square Cake Boxes Supplied From Stock By Cake Box Factory

- Aug 02, 2018-

   Square cake box program packaging is an important link in the whole production, in order to ensure that the product packaging is not affected by the outside world, but also in line with the multiple requirements of product quality, so in the face of the industry's ever-changing market and demand, the product packaging precautions are also very necessary to know:

   The rapid development of industry in recent years has largely improved people's living standards, but has also created serious environmental problems. A new rubber and plastic exhibition with the global hot and fresh plastic packaging solutions, focusing on the industry environmental protection, safety, high efficiency, multi-functional, lightweight, intelligent development trend, help promote the continuous innovation and development of packaging enterprises.

   Therefore, for packaging products, accelerate the development and application of energy saving and environmental protection technology and materials is also imminent. As an environment-friendly plastic product, biodegradable plastic is becoming a research and development hotspot attracting worldwide attention, which also contains huge business opportunities. Unlike traditional plastics, which take many years to break down, the product can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms over several months. The material is made from renewable resources, which can greatly reduce the consumption of oil and trees. It burns without producing toxic gases and releases far less heat and carbon dioxide than conventional plastic, effectively slowing the greenhouse effect.