Production Of Cake Box Factory Spot Supply Non - Fading Skills

- Aug 24, 2018-

   As you all know, many customers are will to custom cake box factory off-the-shelf, cake box factory is a popular spot supply color box, in the process of production, some businesses have trouble, because at the time of production occasionally rub off the case, this is the fee for the cake box factory spot supply, in general can only be recycled.

   First of all, it is very important to select this step from several stacks of double copper paper, because the effect of different grades of double copper paper is not the same, as we say, high brightness paper, it is true that the printing effect is very bright, but it is not only related to the brightness of the paper.

   There is a more important factor is the packaging box custom spot color does not run the mystery. Don't know what you are dealing with do packaging manufacturers have so long heard of "paper, wetting, ink absorption, well-balanced leave ink" three terms, in the general case of normal double copper paper this three functions must be normal, because the paper to fully accept a ink penetration process is long, and ink of the viscosity is here to take the decisive role, if the paper is the three standard is not standard, so the printed color will also running deviation, lead to appear off color, this feature is especially fit to keep ink is particularly important.

   Why say so, because the old master once said, printing a thing, light has good materials, not good, but also have the operating space in the inside, improve the quality of the entire packaging box customized, from these words can actually see, when printing will have the effect of external forces, just like the pressure of printing. If the pressure operation is slightly too high or low, you need the paper's uniform ink characteristics to stabilize the whole situation, so that the paper in a small pressure, can absorb more ink to the whole surface of the paper; In the paper pressure, can withstand too much ink, so that the ink does not accumulate in one place, but spread to the full, this is the importance of uniform ink.